Tripick beer won the World Beer Award 2017 in the categories Lager and Strong.



Tripick is an Ardennes beer which exists for just eight months. However, it was already capable to put itself on the map as winner of the World Beer Award 2017 in the categories Lager and Strong. It’s a true honor for the proud inventors who see their craftmanship rewarded with the most beautiful beer prize in the world.

The team behind Tripick was profoundly proud when they received the prize for the Tripick blond and the Tripick tripel, respectively in the category Lager (blond beers with high fermentation) and the category (Strong) (tripels). The aroma of Tripick, the three types of hops and the fresh taste make Tripick a large success in no time. It needs to be said: a beer which only exists for about eight months and is already widely praised, makes the creators feel like they are on cloud nine!

The World Beer Awards is the biggest and most prestigious international beercompetition in the world. During the preliminary rounds, which were held in four countries, Tripick battled against more than 1.900 other candidate beers to receive a ticket for the finals. On August 10 Tripick could convince the professional jury during the finals in London, where it defended the Belgian honour with other influential names, such as Liefmans (winner in the category ‘Oud Bruin’) and Bush (in the category ‘Wood Aged’)

‘We are astounded by the success of the Tripick blond and the Tripick tripel. Not only are these beers extremely young, but the competition is tough, it’s also a great honor for a small brewery like ours to see our name shine amongst all those meaningful names from the brewery world. Besides this award, I pay a lot of attention to the positive remarks we receive from the wide crowds and people from the inside. Tripick has become a beer which needs to be drunk with friends. This stimulated us to start our new adventure all together and compete in the World Beer Awards. Our success widely exceeded our expectations!’, explains Fréderic Ambroise, Sales Manager of Tripick to us.


A challenge with friends

Tripick is born from a challenge accepted between three old friends to brew their own beer. It was launched during the past winter and people are getting more and more captivated by it. The Belgian beer is the result of a long thinking- and intensive productionprocess, which is crowned today with the most prestigious prize from the brewery world: the World Beer Award.

‘We have been working our fingers from the bone with a whole team, and now we’re picking the fruits from our labors’, explains Fréderic Ambroise.’It all started with a challenge with my friends and accomplices Nicolas Leonard and Emmanuel Mewissen. It is partly due to the support of brewery Les 3 Fourquets and the phenomenal work from our marketing department of Tripick that Tripick is the appraised beer it is today.


A golden future

Tripick wants to use the recognition from these awards to expand the distribution network. At the moment the beers are available in Belgium at HLS Liège, Trendy Food, Covivins, RJ Drink, Blérot et Fils, Brasserie Balleux, Brasserie Delsart, Ets Fourez, for professional clients, in the bars and cellars in the region of Liège, Namur, Verviers and Mons. The beer is also available in the Casino de Spa and the Grand Casino de Namur. Tripick is hoping that very soon the beer will also be available in the supermarket so anyone can taste the nectar of the Gods!

Tripick wants to strike while the iron is hot. That’s why they also want to compete in other competitions, like the Brussels Beer Challenge in October later this year. On long term Tripick is already thinking about brewing a little sister. That way the brewery already has a lot of ideas to expand the assortment in the future… Something any beer lover will savor.